Pro-Seal™ Glazing Systems

Pro-Seal™ aluminum glazing system is the ultimate sloped glazing system for Sunrooms, Skylights, and Passive Solar Construction

Abundant Energy Inc., is the world’s premiere supplier of aluminum framing/aluminum glazing systems for sunrooms, skylights, earth ships and other passive solar building designs. The advantages of our PRO-SEAL™ aluminum glazing system over other sloped glazing products are numerous:

  • Two Part EPDM rubber gasket system allows glass to move due to thermal changes while still maintaining perfect water seal.
  • Interior gutter system lets condensation weep out (instead of dripping), preventing damage to wood construction elements.
  • Thermal break provides superior insulation from cold.
  • Modularity of Pro-Seal™ aluminum glazing system elements allow anyone with basic carpentry skills to construct a sunroom framing system that outperforms pre-fab “Four Season Sunrooms” at a fraction of the cost.

Abundant Energy has shipped our aluminum framing systems all over the world, from earth ship glazing in Arizona, New Mexico and California to skylight glazing in Canada to commercial and residential passive solar projects in Asia and Europe.