Builder uses Abundant Energy for Skylights

When one of custom builder Dan Groth’s projects calls for a skylight, he bypasses the off the shelf skylights and goes straight to his preferred course: his local glass shop for the glazing and Abundant Energy Inc. for the weather sealed aluminum frames. Groth says this solution allows him to create nearly any size and shape skylight at an affordable price. “We’ve been using them for six years”, he says. “They give very specific instructions, and they work very well. We’ve never had a leak problem.”

Abundant Energy’s Pro-Seal™ extruded aluminum system can be used for sunrooms, gazebos, and greenhouses as well as for skylights. Consisting of a base perimeter bar, glazing cap, and trim cover, Pro-Seal™ can be used with insulated glass, single panel, or plastic glazing. The system utilizes EPDM rubber gaskets to form a watertight seal against leaks and incorporates integral gutters to weep condensation away from glass and framing members. Turn-around time on orders is fairly quick, usually within or two weeks after drawings are submitted, Groth says.

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Dan Groth, Builders Showcase, Flagstaff, Arizona
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